Whether you are new to the field, have an audition or callback coming up or you just want to brush up on your skills, my goal is to get you to give your best performance possible. To get you to that next level and start booking those jobs!

I’m an enthusiastic and experienced Casting Associate, Acting Coach, Drama Teacher and Theatre Director. I graduated as a First Degree Teacher Training in Drama in 2006 (in Europe) and have more than 10 years experience in Teaching and Directing and over 15 years experience in Acting under my belt. I currently work as a Casting Associate at Lori Wyman Casting in Miami and have had the privilege of working on many amazing TV shows and movies – for full IMDb page click here. I’m an Associate member of the Casting Society of America and a three-time nominee (2016, 2017 and 2018) and one-time winner (2017) of the ARTIOS award for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for a Drama Series – BLOODLINE .

We are all story tellers, but to become a successful one training is key. Acting is a craft that requires skills and skills can be learned. They don’t come overnight but with hard work and dedication they will come. If you are willing to put the work in and allow me to assist you in bringing out your hidden potential, the sky is your limit!

Because I am a casting professional as well as a classically trained acting coach, I know the power of play and how to approach a scene, how to analyze a scene, study a character and what is needed from a scene partner and/or reader. But I also know what Casting Directors are looking for and therefore what is needed to book a job. I can assist actors from both the casting as well as the acting point of view. When coaching I do not follow one specific technique. I have studied many and found that all have something an actor can connect to, it is very personal – what works for Robert DeNiro might not work for you. So, through the years my approach has become a very personalized one. I observe the actor to figure out his or hers specific needs and then coach them using the technique that serves them best. I may not be a fan of method acting, but if that’s the only thing that gets an actor to portray a character that just suffered a major loss then that is what we will use. It’s all about you the actor and what gets you to reach your highest potential!

Some of the projects actors who coached and/or taped with me have booked recently: Black Panther, Stranger Things, Atlanta, Fifty Shades Freed, The Walking Dead, How to Get Away With Murder, Baywatch (2017), Being Mary Jane, Swamp Murder, Halt and Catch Fire, The Originals, Mr Mercedes, The Haves and Have Not’s.

Sessions are conducted at Lori Wyman Casting. When working at the office I will give you the option to be put on tape. We’ll tape and I will play your performance back to you. Watching yourself back can be very eye-opening and a great tool to tweak the hick-ups in your performance and get it on its way to perfection. If you have an out of town audition or callback there is the one-stop-shop option of coaching and taping in 1 session as well. Skype/FaceTime sessions are an option too. Regular 30 min. taping sessions are also still on the menu, they can be scheduled through the office. 

For rates and to set up your first coaching session email me at theresevcoach@gmail.com.

Hope to see you soon!


2017 ARTIOS Award Winner – Outstanding Achievement in Casting Drama Series – BLOODLINE


“I’ve been on television and have done movies and TV for almost 23 years now. And when you want to improve your craft you have to practice your craft. Working with the right coach is essential in this, in finding out more about yourself as a performer, especially as an actor. Working with Therese has been nothing but fantastic for me. Finding out my range, being more confident and comfortable and understanding the material that I’m working with. Working with Therese has already made me a better performer. So there you go, even an old dog like me, who’s been on TV a long time, can learn new tricks.” —  Paul WightActor and WWE Super Star (“Big Show”)

“I had a great time working with Therese. She really understands the actor and has great instinct. She’s extremely professional and really gives you as an actor a lot to work with.” — Enrique Murciano, Actor (Blacklist, Bloodline, Power, Without a Trace)

“Thérèse is simply wonderful to work with! She has a unique understanding of the Actor’s creative process, balanced with the performance requirements to nail the role from a casting perspective. She truly gets it! Her genuine and calming demeanor builds a ‘circle of trust’ that every Actor craves from an ‘Acting Partner’. You don’t leave the room until she has got the best performance out of you, and you are happy with the end result. I ALWAYS walk out very happy!!” Sope Aluko, Actress  (Back Panter, How To Get Away With Murder, Bloodline, The Mindy Project, Pitch Perfect 2)

“In the 20 years that I’ve made a living as a professional, working actor I have met few casting directors that match Thérèse’s professionalism. She is focused on providing a safe, encouraging environment that invites you to ‘be.’ When working with her, one is reminded that no choices should be made without presence: no doing without being.”  Chaz MenaActor (Bloodline, Magic City, Pain & Gain)

“Therese does an amazing job of putting me on tape, wonderful to read with and knows how to give direction for the best audition! I’ve booked several gigs using her taping services, Two Thumbs UP!”  — Arlyn Broche, Actress (The Have and Have Nots, Ballers, Bloodline, The Inspectors)


Disclaimer: For obvious reasons I unfortunately will not be able to help you with auditions for the shows I work on.

LANGUAGES: English, Dutch, German – basic Spanish



One response to “Welcome”

  1. Isis Masoud says :

    Thérèse has put me on tape numerous times for many projects and each time she gives me notes and adjustments that bring my audition to the next level. Every time I work with her, I leave feeling confident that I gave my best audition! I am so incredibly grateful for all I have learned from her. Thérèse always makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and is a pleasure to work with!

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