Audition Feedback

Get that elusive feedback on your auditions!

Auditioning is a tough job, but it’s even tougher to get an answer from producers, directors or casting directors as to why you did not book that role you thought you were so perfect for. Why you did not get a callback from that audition you thought you nailed.

I give you the eye of a Casting Director as well as that of an Acting Coach and will answer those burning questions for you: Why did you not book. What should you do different next time.

Send me your audition and I will send you feedback. This can be in writing or via a 30 minute FaceTime/Skype chat, whichever has your preference.

For rates and to send in your fist tape:


Let’s get you booking!


Disclaimer: For obvious reasons I unfortunately will not be able to help you with auditions for the shows and films I work on.

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